FIREWALKER  Flavor Enlightened Foods

Wicked Wings

Baked, Fried, Grilled... Homemade, Store Bought, or from a Restaurant.... sometimes you just have to Wing-it! 

Game Day Guac

it's game time!

Crispy Egg Cups

as if you needed another reason to eat bacon...

Spicy Smoked Trout Dip

Devilishly Good Eggs

How Quickly can we make some!?!

Crispy Cauliflower

Who Knew this could be so good!

Blazin Bean Dip

Yummy Dip with Warm Pita, Veggie Sticks, or Chips

Ali's Pimento Cheese

OK, so this is awesome!

Fiery Goat Cheese

Excellent Flavors submitted by
Wes Collins

Kickin Chicken Salad

Less Mayo, More Flavor!

Fiery Fingers

These will be a great appetizer or entré


These will go fast!


So Simple, So Tasty,

I So should have made 2!

Bite Back Black and Blue Burgers

Is the grill ready yet?

Lit Up Lasagna

Don't Be Flat, Roll 'em Up!

Mighty Meatloaf

Not like Mom used to make it!

Spicy Ranch Chicken

Chicken + Ranch + FIREWALKER = Yum!

None Left Nachos

Going, Going, Gone

Cold Pizza...

Hey, do we have any of that pizza left from last night? 

This Week is a Win!

Bottomless Bowl of Popcorn

How many movies can we watch tonight?

Chex Mixed up

Not just for holiday parties

Seeds of Addiction

We Need More Pumpkins!

Rock'n Ranch

it's Ranch... but Better!

Blister’n Blue Cheese

Hot and Cold all at the same time?

Sour Cream Fire Dip

Where are my chips?

Kicked Up Ketchup

French Fries New Best Friend!


Frozen or on the Rocks... Your Choice!

Upper in Flames

Energy that Warms You from the Core

Mary’s on Fire

Kicking up Brunch as featured at Corner Kitchen and Chestnut restaurants in Asheville, NC