Seeds of Addiction

What to do with all those pumpkin seeds you just scooped out?

How about spicing them up this year with some new flavors... we call them, Seeds of Addiction!

1) Rinse seeds and try your best to get the yummy pumpkin goo off

2) Strain and pat dry

3) For every cup of seeds add 15-40+ strong shakes of FIREWALKER Original Hot Sauce and mix in a bowl (depending on your spice level and the more sauce you add you might need to add a few more minutes on timer but keep an eye on them) -This would also a be a good time to use a little or a lot or straight FIREWALKER Running with the Reaper XTRA Hot Sauceā€¦..

4) Spread a thin layer on a baking sheet and give a strong dose of fresh cracked Salt and Pepper on top and stir up a bit and then a bit more Salt and Pepper

5) Toss in 350 oven for about 20-30 minutes + depending on how much hot sauce you used. It is a good idea to stir and shake up seeds on tray about half way through.

You're looking to get a light to medium brown on your seeds. Dark = Burnt so it is better to pull them out and let cool flat for 5 minutes and then taste for the right crunch. Don't be afraid to toss them back in but watch them close. 

Once you taste your efforts from pumpkin to seed you will be wishing it was Halloween all year

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!