What do you FIREWALK On?


Check out Bill Moore's Hot & Spicy Review of FIREWALKER

 Thanks Bill - The opinions of your palate are always dead on

Hi Franco,

I got a bottle of FIREWALKER in Asheville last May, and it's become probably my favorite hot sauce ever. I just ran out last week, and was thrilled to see that I could order some online. Fantastic job, and keep up the good work. 

-Frank Petruzella, VA





Andre Hessami, FL

FIREWALKER Hot Sauce is the best! I ordered four bottles a month ago and they are already gone. I am adding it to everything...hummus, ketchup, chex-mix, chili, chicken.

- Michael Harb, TN

While visiting Asheville this past weekend I tried your hot sauce while having brunch at Mojo Cafe. It was fantastic--immediately went out and bought 4 bottles to take home--2 for me and 2 as gifts. Very unique and flavorful.

- Phyllis Fleischer, CA

Call me crazy, but this is a very good combo! Add to pumpkin ice cream for a pumpkin peach habanero blast!

- Austin Billits, NC

"Dude, I made a sauce for some pasta last night... sautéed some garlic and spices in olive oil, added some small shrimp, mushrooms, olives, tomato sauce, and the secret ingredient for some kick...
FIREWALKER Hot Sauce. Best ten-minute dinner I've made in a while.
I'll definitely re-up on the sauce soon."

-Gerik Gooch, NC



Holy cow this stuff is fantastic! I literally base my meals on whether or not I can put Firewalker on the food. By far and away my favorite hot sauce!
-Kenan Hopkins, NC 

I made a great decision tonight trying this hot sauce. I recommend any and all to do the same. 

-Patrick Freeman, NC

Mashed sweet potato with tamari and peanuts topped with 2 eggs doused with FIREWALKER... YUM!
Martha Vining, NC


"My new creation yesterday....I made hummus and added some of Franco's FIREWALKER Hot Sauce. It was amazing! Give it a try for an extra spicy zing to your Hummus. You will not be disappointed!!"

-Cindy Frazier, TN

Hi Franco,
We're really excited to get the hot sauce! We're stocking up since we're running low. My boyfriend and I visited Asheville in November 2016 on our vacation and while we were in the winery at the Biltmore, they had a sample of your hot sauce. My boyfriend, who never buys anything on the spot, tasted the sample and fell in love immediately! We bought a bottle and put it on almost everything we cook! It truly is delicious!! So now we're buying 3 bottles and I'll be able to take one with me when I go to work as I travel as a flight attendant and he can leave one at the police station for meals on shift. 
Thank you, Franco, for your contribution to our love of hot sauce. This is truly our favorite!
Amy Roberts - IL 

To all of you at FIREWALKER Hot Sauce Co., Since I walked into Wonderland in Asheville, NC as a college sophomore 4 years ago and tried your hot sauce, I have been HOOKED and a loyal customer. The flavor is unique, compliments everything and is simply delicious! Seriously, even just putting it on a plain white tortilla, you have yourself an amazing snack - Thanks a lot, and keep doing what you do!! Your fan,

Leah Zelson - Oregon