Wicked Wings

There are so many ways to make wings and the seasonings/sauces are only limited by your imagination!


Baked, Fried, Grilled... Homemade, Store Bought, or from a Restaurant.... sometimes you just have to Wing-it! 


FIREWALKER is diverse and can be used as a wing sauce, marinade, or as an addition to whatever sauce you already have on your wings.

For Example, you are at a Super Bowl party and someone brought wings from a local restaurant and there are 12 medium heat and 12 teriyaki. You grab a few and simply toss as much FIREWALKER on them as you want... YUM, and thanks dude for buying those wings!

You want to get in the kitchen and make wings? Awesome, we can help!

Since there are too many combinations of seasons and sauces to list out on one page, here is a quick recipe that can be tweaked 124,156,864 ways:

Put your wings in a casserole dish or bowl/plate so you can see each piece.

Add your seasons like: Salt, Cracked Pepper, Seasoning Salt, Greek Seasoning, herbs, and any other store bought pre-made seasoning such as "Jerk Chicken, Mexican, Lemon Pepper, Cajun.." and coat each side of the wing generously.

Cover with plastic wrap and toss in fridge for an hour or so, this will allow the seasonings to stick and flavor the wings.

Next you can shake on as much FIREWALKER as you like before you toss them in the fryer, oven, or on the grill. (all are great methods but any excuse to use the grill is good in my book!)

Cook times on wings will vary on the size of the wings, heat, and method of preparation but you are really looking to get an internal temp of about 165 degrees (basically so there isn’t any pink) in the oven that is about 30 mins at 400 or about 18 mins on the grill flipping half way.

While they are cooking, I endorse adding more shakes of FIREWALKER as you flip and continue to cook.

Once done, take a bite and see how they turned out, my guess is that you will be shaking on more fiery flavor to each wing but that is up to the consumer!

I suggest pairing with our Blister'n Blue Cheese or Rock'n Ranch and of course lots of carrots/celery. 


Like to use wet marinades instead of dry seasonings? No Problem, simply mix in FIREWALKER with the sauce before you add to the wings and toss in fridge for the hour or so.


The best part about cooking and eating wings is there is NO WRONG WAY to do it, just have fun and keep things spicy... your friends will thank you while watching the big game!