FIREWALKER Running with the Reaper ® CASE


FIREWALKER Running with the Reaper XTRA Hot Sauce 

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Hand Crafted to deliver the Full Flavor of the Record Breaking Hottest Pepper in the World, " The Carolina Reaper."

This sauce is for Every Day use for those that truly live Life to the Edge and like it Hot!

I grew up loving spicy foods and searched for a sauce with the perfect balance of both spice and flavor, thus I created FIREWALKER Hot Sauce.


Like our Original, this XTRA Hot Sauce you are currently wielding has an extremely unique flavor forward blast of citrus and garlic with a lucid kick this time utilizing the record breaking hottest pepper in the world, ’The Carolina Reaper.’


Too often, ‘Super Hot’ sauces are inedible for everyday consumption and simply taste like a river of lava.


Fear not, this bottle harnesses all the heat a true chili head deserves; yet, delivers massive fresh zestiness to any of your favorite foods never to overpower and never to be considered a ‘novelty hot sauce.’

We promise if you like living on the edge and pushing your taste buds to the max then our Running with the Reaper ® Xtra Hot Sauce will free your senses not drag them to the underworld.


Heat Index: 8 out of 10


No Artificial Preservatives, No GMO's, No Sugar, No need to refrigerate, No Reason Not to Run with the Reaper




-Franco, Owner of FIREWALKER Hot Sauce Company




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Size: 12 bottles x 5 oz.