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Best olive oil in the world

Best olive oil in the world

The best olive oil in the world contains absolutely no added ingredients. Pure oil provides a wide range of benefits without sacrificing quality for low-cost bait and switch tactics. Evo3 oils come directly from Greece where the oil is part of the culture and the people tolerate nothing less than near perfection.

Olive oil in Greece and the Mediterranean

The olive tree is a part of Greek culture extending back to the times of the ancient philosophers. Irena, the god of peace and daughter of Zeus, is always depicted with an olive branch in hand. Perhaps this is the secret to their immortality.

Steeped in history, Mediterranean people do not tolerate poor quality oil. It is not uncommon for Italians to hold actual tastings to assess the quality of pure oils.

What is the benefit of extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oils containing nothing more than the juice of the olive offer many health benefits. As a superfood, this oil serves as a healthy alternative to less healthy products such as PAM, butter, and vegetable oil.

Olive oil is packed with antioxidants which cleanses the body and soul. Many attribute the long life of Greeks and Italians to a healthy diet containing large amounts of olive oil.

Medical properties of olive oil

The ancient Greeks understood the benefits of this oil, using it in homegrown remedies for various aches, pains, and ailments. It turns out there is a scientific basis for some of these claims.

Studies point to consumption as a way to reduce pain, prevent strokes, protect against heart disease, and even fight Alzheimer’s Disease. Unlike other cooking oils, it is not associated with obesity and weight gain.

What are the active ingredients in olive oil?

Antioxidants, monosaturated fats, and an assortment of vitamins and minerals help keep you healthy. Researchers associate the antioxidants with many of the helpful properties.

Monosaturated fats have one unsaturated carbon bond. The fat remains liquid at room temperature unlike with other oils and butter which helps you avoid clogged arteries.

Do manufacturers cut olive oil?

Unfortunately, many manufacturers reduce or eliminate the power of olive oil by cutting it with other liquids. Sunflower seed oil is a particularly common ingredient as it is cheaper to produce.

Always look at the label before purchasing oil. While food coloring and dark bottles hide the lightening associated with using fillers, the government still requires a list of ingredients.

Where can I find the best olive oil in the world?

The best olive oils come from Italy and Greece. Evo3 manufacturers olive oil in Lesvos, Greece.

Our product is steeped in tradition with a keen focus on quality and the environment. For every product sold, we donate a tree to be planted in deforested areas of Africa where charcoal production devastated the region.

Visit our website to find out where you can purchase Evo3 olive oil or order from our online distributor. We provide our quality oils around the world.

Best olive oil in the world

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