Catering Hamilton

Catering Hamilton

The history of fine cooking and presentation dates back to the fourth millennium of BC. The earliest records pinpoint Egypt to be the first in recording grand drinking and eating styles. China follows closely behind, with historical documents that mark their rich eating cultures. 


Europe is one of the earliest modern civilizations; hence it experienced an initial growth of the hotel business. The catering trade became grand in Greece after the construction of inns and real hostels. The development of the industry continued with the development of the Roman empire.

The earliest catering services focused on helping Roman soldiers using military trading roads. Other travelers began experiencing catering services with the opening of trade routes. 

Catering in Europe was popular during the middle ages. The early signs of the industry have a link to monasteries of Christian pilgrims. The caravan series, which started in AD, had the same purpose in expanding the catering industry. 

The business had extreme expansion during Charlamagne’s time when traders expanded to spread through other regions in Europe. Other factors that influenced catering in Europe include the growth of the church, the trade, and intensification of transport. 

Catering hit Germany with a boom between the 14th and 15th centuries. Beer inspections led to the creation of different mug sizes, drinks, and purification of brand beers. This aspect had a significant effect on the catering business.

The development of guilt hostels and houses triggered the development of restaurants, guesthouses, and other dining spots. The increase in population and the sudden rise of tourism gave an astronomical boost to the industry.  

Catering in Hamilton


The history of providing in Hamilton follows the same path as that of most civil societies. Catering became popular when women began entering the workforce. The women who would usually cook at events no longer had time to cater to the demands of an entire cooking day. They, therefore, brought ready meals to parties and circumstances and helped in the serving process. 

Entrepreneurs picked the practice and commercialized it to become the catering industry. The catering industry had high regard by many high-end event hosts. 


Presently, organizations and restaurants began adding catering departments to their hoteling models. Today’s catering businesses will bring more than food to your event. Many people prefer working with a licensed catering business, that provides all the required professionalism understands food ethics. 

Budding entrepreneurs do not enjoy financial domination within the catering business. Businesses that have a passion for specific cuisines are steering away from big cities to open small businesses in locations like Hamilton. These culinary services take a leap of faith to be part of the fast-evolving hoteling niche, without indulging in the fast pace of the city. 

There are heaps of business opportunities in Hamilton. Parlato’s Catering is one of the businesses that has taken a brave leap to explore the magnificence of Hamilton. We have a headquarter location in Ontario and a catering business that expands to other regions in Canada. A quick recap of history suggests that we are on the right track of bringing quality catering services to the world.

Catering Hamilton
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Catering Hamilton
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