FIREWALKER Mango Blaze Hot Sauce

FIREWALKER Mango Blaze is the sweet heat collaboration of bright tropical
citrus and spicy peppers: hand crafted in the mountains of Asheville, NC.
The bottle in your hands holds a flavor first adventure that will awaken any meal with zest and spice. 

This is not a novelty hot sauce and it will not overpower your food because who wants that!?

We have [Captured the essence of ripe Mangoes] and warmed them to the core with a habanero finish that will bring a taste of the islands to any table. 

Like our ORIGINAL, this outrageously unique hot sauce uses only the finest ingredients without added sweeteners or anything artificial to bring you a mild/medium mango spice experience.


Heat Index : 4 / 10


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Price: $7.00
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Size: 1 Bottle 5 oz