Premium Grass Fed Beef Mn

Premium Grass Fed Beef Mn

Beef is high in protein and is a delicious and nutritious meal. There are many forms of beef such as beef roasts, hamburger, ribs, brisket, steaks and more. When you choose beef for your meal preparation you want to make sure that you pick beef that is good for you and that tastes good. Not all beef is the same. The best and most nutritious beef is premium grass fed beef in MN.

What is Grass Fed Beef?

Premium grass fed beef in MN comes from cattle that have been allowed to graze on high quality grass rather than being fed grains. Most traditional beef has been fed only a portion of grass with a diet primarily made up of grains. Grains are an unnatural diet for cattle. Grass fed beef does not contain hormones, fertilizers and antibiotics. It is considered a natural way to raise cattle for consumption.

Is Grass Fed Meat Good For You?

Grass fed meat provides you with all of the benefits of high quality beef without any of the harmful substances that could be present. Grass fed beef is high in antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin E and contains a much higher level of healthy fats called conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs). CLAs are known to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease and controls cholesterol. In addition, grass fed cows are happier and healthier than others.

Is Grass Fed Meat Organic?

Our premium grass fed beef in MN is generally considered to be organic. That is because we don't use harmful antibiotics, hormones, pesticides or GMOs. That means that the meat we produce is higher in vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fats. We allow our cattle to graze on our fields in Cannon Falls where we offer top quality grass. Natural grazing allows the meat to be much different and better for you than cattle raised on grains.

Where Can I Purchase Grass Fed Beef?

We offer a variety of options for premium grass fed beef in MN. You can reserve your box and pay online so all you need to do is pick it up. You should reserve your box well ahead of time because our production is limited and the demand is high. Our ground beef package contains 24 pounds of meat that you will be able to use for any number of different recipes.

Our prime packaged meats come in a 100 pound case and provide you with the ultimate experience of premium grass fed beef in MN. Our ground beef patties are sold in 24 pound cases and are ready to provide the tastiest and best hamburgers you have ever served.

When you buy in bulk you will have enough meat for a month's supply of up to 400 meals for your freezer. Bulk pricing offers you our top quality steaks and roasts for the price of ground beef. You will be amazed at the nutritious and delicious high quality beef that we offer at Churchill Reserve. Contact us today to reserve your next box of meat.

Premium Grass Fed Beef Mn
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