Herbal Smoking Blends

Nicotine is the main ingredient that causes smokers to struggle with quitting because it is a drug like any other addictive one. This daily habit becomes impossible to stop because you get an oral and mental fixation that is much like one of your many other habits. Many researchers discovered the best way to stop smoking by first understanding how nicotine forms a toxic addiction and the biology of replacing it with the CBD hemp flower.

One study compared the comparative effects of smoking nicotine and CBD and saw that CBD smokers did not have any cravings afterward. The study also established that cigarette smokers who switched to CBD saw a reduction of the craving by up to 40%. We want to give you an in-depth version of what it means to smoke CBD cigarettes and how you can use our products to combat the withdrawal.

How pre-rolled CBD joints stop nicotine addiction

Serotonin is the primary neurotransmitter of happy and excited feelings that give us calmness and contentment. Nicotine triggers the addictive nature of serotonin, making it excruciatingly difficult to stop the habit. CBD boosts serotonin similarly to nicotine, but it does not activate the receptors that eventually form a smoking habit. This means you will have much less inflammation from replacing nicotine cigarettes with the best pre-roll CBD cigarettes and experienced reduced stress, anxiety, and irritability without the associated health risks.

How herbal smoking blends stop addiction

Battle withdrawal

Nicotine is not a hard drug like cocaine, but it is still harmful and dangerous, especially when you fall prey to the deadly smoking habit. Most people have a hard time stopping the habit because they cannot get through withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, high blood pressure, increased appetite, and headaches. It becomes easier to continue the habit to get through the day and keep a stable mood and satiety for your everyday life. CBD combats these physical signs by combating headaches and promoting healthy sleep to help you through a tough withdrawal stage as your body adjusts to not getting a serotonin boost from nicotine.

Improve relaxation

CBD is better because it offers a healthier way for you to relax. Studies show that the sedative has a powerful effect in relieving stress and anxiety to help you cope with all kinds of panic attacks and emotional or mental attacks. Eventually, you will feel less motivated to use cigarettes for the same purpose because CBD delivers better results without the addictive nature of harmful toxins.

Choosing the right CBD product to replace nicotine

How do you choose the right hemp CBD products to reduce and stop your addiction? The market is full of high-quality products like vape oils, cigarettes, and tinctures that are reliable in helping your body ease into a non-addictive state. We offer herbal smoking blends that function the same as regular cigarettes; hence, switching from the regular cigarette to the CBD version is a lot easier without losing your daily lighting habit. We intend to use these cigarettes to replace the harmful nicotine effects as you progress to healthier habits. Check out our store for all the CBD hemp cigarettes available and contact us for further inquiries.

Herbal Smoking Blends
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