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Vapor Juice Online

Vapor Juice Online

Vaping has become very popular among both genders and all ages. Many smokers started to vape and were able to quit smoking cigarettes permanently. Vaping offers more to its users: a variety of juice flavors and different levels of nicotine or even nicotine free juice and, the most important, the health benefits. Smoking requires burning and inhaling tar when e-cigarettes produce vapor. There are known carcinogens in vapor, but they’re in tiny concentrations that are unlikely to pose any risk to vapers. 

X2O Vapes

At X2O Vapes, we offer our customers an extensive variety of vape juices and accessories, online and at the store.  If you a fruity flavor lover or if you prefer a strong taste of coffee and liquor, we have it here. We are proud to introduce our customers to hundreds of flavors: fresh mint or citrus, a combination of berries or cookies and coffee or bold tobacco, lemonade or arctic frost and many, many more. Our vape team crafts the unique selection of premium e-liquids. It is our goal to make the collection rich in flavor and vapor production.

Our juices come in pre-filled cartridges or unicorn bottles. The pre-filled cartomizers are for those who do not want to mess with refilling. The pre-filled units are available separately or in different sizes kits. The unicorn bottles are part of our new line. These bottles make it far easier and much faster to drip or refill and get vaping again.  The unicorn bottles came in different sizes and priced accordingly. Whatever choice you make, you will enjoy every breath of your vapor.

Additionally to juice selection, we offer a wide variety of vaping accessories. If you visit our site, you can shop online, at the comfort of your home or office. We provide a very detailed description of every e-liquid flavor and every item we sell.

Our website has been recently updated and is very easy to navigate. If you visit us at, you will find the following sections of our online store:






Rush Nic Salts

REV and Kronos mods

Herbs and Wax



International Shipping

On Sale

Whether you are a distributor or a wholesaler, we are confident that we can meet your need. We will answer your questions about anything related to vaping and will satisfy your and your customers’ vaping desires.

We, X2O, located in Dallas, TX. Our business grew from a local to international, and currently, we sell our product in twenty-seven countries.

X2O welcomes every customer. If you are new to vaping or just looking for a unique vape juice flavor, we have products to satisfy your needs. If you are a smoker and want to try something new, remember that vapor is considerably less dangerous for your health than burned tar. You can choose your flavor and the level of nicotine in your vape juice. Also, the convenience of shopping online makes the experience better than ever before. We value our clients and our team continuously working on developing more products.

Vapor Juice Online
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