Moscow Mule Mugs

Moscow Mule Mugs

While shopping for Moscow Mule Mugs, consider Fifth & Vermouth for your bar supplies. A home bar that serves Moscow Mules should keep 4-8 copper mugs in stock in the event that unexpected company stops by and Moscow Mule beverages suddenly become the popular drink. At Fifth & Vermouth, we have three stylish copper Moscow Mules to choose from:

  • Classic Mugs
  • Modern Mugs
  • Modern Hammered Mugs

All of our Moscoe Mule Mugs are made of high-quality materials and plated with copper to ensure your drinks taste exactly like they do in a professional establishment.

3 Reasons To Invest In Our Moscow Mule Mugs

1. Moscow Mule has a long history, and while there is something of a conflicting story of how the drink began, it’s certainly been around for the better part of a century. Whatever it’s history, one thing is for certain, the Moscow Mule is a drink that has always been served in copper mugs.

2. Moscow Mule copper mugs help to maintain the temperature of the beverage. Copper is recognized as an exceptional thermal conductor and is able to keep drinks chilled or hot, depending on the type of drink being served. In the case of a Moscow Mule, the copper quickly chills and stays cool, even in the summer months.

3. Cold copper mugs intensify the carbonated properties of the Moscow Mule, enhances the drink’s aromatic essence, and creates a unique chemical reaction with the ginger and lime that delivers a flavor punch that is unlike anything else.

How To Make The Perfect Moscow Mule

With 3 simple ingredients, you’ll have a winning drink on your hands when guests arrive at your home. You’ll need half a lime, 2 oz of Vodka, and 4 Oz of cold Ginger Beer (not ginger ale). Add ice to the mug, pour in the vodka and ginger beer, then squeeze the lime half gently to release a teaspoon or so of the juice. Add an optional lime slice and stir gently. Serve the Moscow Mule with a stirring rod. Your guests will absolutely love the refreshing taste of this drink and will ask for it often if you keep the ingredients on hand and enough Moscow Mule mugs to serve everyone.

One Place For All Of Your Bar Supplies

Instead of picking up home bar items from various places online or in your community, you can shop for everything in one convenient place at Fifth & Vermouth. We not only have your Moscow Mule mugs in stock, but we also carry popular cocktail glasses, barware, bitters & syrups, and much more. From dasher bottles and decanters to complete shaker sets and cocktail strainers, we’ll help you save money while setting up a complete home bar to impress friends & family.

Don’t be intimidated when someone orders a Moscow Mule- if you have copper mugs and three key ingredients, you can serve them the perfect drink every time. Bookmark Fifth & Vermouth for bar tips & tricks, blog articles, and drink recipes.

Moscow Mule Mugs

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